At Trelleborg Marine & Infrastructure, all our accessories are procured from pre-approved suppliers. We ensure that all our suppliers use the highest grade materials to produce the best quality products and we will test accessories quality when they cooperate with us and under quality management control by Trelleborg.


a. Fender Panels

– Closed box steel structure
– Blind boss fender connections
– Pressure tested for water tightness

Fender panels distribute reaction forces to provide low hull pressures and cope with large tidal variations. They can also be designed to resist line loads from belted ships, or even point loads in special cases. Optional lead-in bevels reduce the snagging risk, whilst brackets (where required) provide highly secure connection points for chains. Closed box designs are used almost exclusively – all fully sealed and pressure checked. Corrosion protection is provided by high durability C5M class paint systems to ISO 12944, and additional corrosion allowances can be designed where required.


– Very low friction coefficient
– Excellent abrasion resistance
– UV and ozone resistant

Trelleborg’s FQ1000 ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is the first choice material for facing steel fender panels and other heavy duty applications. It combines very low friction with excellnt impact strength and a wear resistance much better than steel.
Most popular is FQ1000-DS which is ‘double-sintered’ and work-hardened for extra durability. The standard color is black, but if other colors are needed then FQ1000-V ‘virgin’ grade also comes in yellow, white, grey, blue, green and red. FQ1000 UHMW-PE materials are compounded to resist ozone and UV radiation. They do not degrade or rot and are easily recycled at the end of their useful service life.


– High holding power
– Available in various sizes
– Available in various steel grades

Anchors are used to install fender systems with berthing structures.

Shackles are one of the components of chain systems.

Chain systems are essential in controlling the deflection of fenders and its proper functioning under different loading conditions.


– Choice of open or stud link chains
– Proof load tested and certified
– Galvanized as standard

Some fender systems need chains to help support heavy components or to control how the fender deflects and shears during impact.

Open link or stud link chains are commonly used and Trelleborg can supply them in several different strength grades.


– Corrosion resistant
– Suits many applications
– Can withstand most accidental impacts from smaller vessels

Trelleborg’s ladders are very robust but remain flexible to reduce accident damage and help protect the wharf when small crafts berth.

In addition to the existing range of polyurethane and rubber ladders, we can also customize steel ladder solutions according to your project requirements.

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