What do you think about Original Design Manufacturing(ODM) rubber fender system through private labelling?

An ODM product is based on an existing design – to certain extent developed by the manufacturer rather than the buyer. It is the result of the supplier’s own product development efforts- or a replica of another product that has been in the market. During a webinar session with our customers, someone popped out a question, “ Is ODM product the same thing as Private Labeling?” My answer to this is a straight “Yes”. This is the concept that supplier provides a template product, that the buyer can brand with their own logo. Of course, the buyer can save time on money as they don’t have to go through such a length process, product innovation, investment in equipments or expensive injection moulds and other toolings.

As Port and Terminal Owners, they are always facing Challenges in the strict selection of their suppliers in ensuring a long lifespan of their equipment in their facilities. Here are just some common questions that we need to consider during the pre-qualification process.

1) Does the supplier has a good track record or reference list of supply?

2) Using the ODM supply, what happens when the products failed within warranty period.

3) How to ensure that you have the right quality products if the QA/QC depends on ODM manufacturer?

4) Do you prefer to work directly with the Manufacturer or just through a private labeling trading company?

5) How many years of experience that the ODM manufacturer has in order to build a product as per customer specifications in a right manner?

6) Will the supplied products just conducted In-house testing and how reliable is the test result.

7) Any 3rd party testing has been considered in order to ensure the right quality product.

There are many more questions that can build onto it. For TRELLEBORG, we focus on our core competence in Rubber Polymer Engineering approach with our In-house manufacturing facilities.

(photo taken from 3rd party testing facility to verify the Fender Performance of TRELLEBORG SCN1600 fender)